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Addoro is a web-based service that allows you to design, manage and delivery your business documents.

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A full scale business solution available for everyone.

The Addoro idea is simple. A powerful, web based service for document processing that is affordable and easy-to-use for everyone. The result is a state of the art service that vill change the way you think about your customer documents. They face your customers and can be one of your most valuable assets.

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Software as a Service what is that?

Addoro is a true SaaS solution hosted in the Amazon AWS cloud. Have a look at the video to find out more.


We have over 300 customers using our service to send documents every day. This is just a selection of our customers.

This is how it works

The idea is simple and the service is easy to use, but the consequences for your document flow are profound.
Addoro is a full scale document processing engine available at a fraction of the price of comparable solutions.

Addoro connects to your
business systems

Accounting systems, customer relation systems or any other system that holds your business data. Addoro use this data as input to create documents.


Addoro templates gives your
documents a great look

Your documents face your customers. With Addoro you can present yourself using templates made by professional document designers.


Traffic control puts you
in the drivers seat

Addoro Traffic Control keeps an eye on your documents all the time and if it detects anything out of order, the document is halted and you are alerted.

Traffic Control

Deliver your documents
by a click of a button

Creating documents is important, but Addoro also takes care of the delivery. You can have the documents delivered by e-mail, print and post and even e-invoicing.


Your documents are stored
and easy to retrieve

Addoro archives and indexes your documents and makes them easy to search. Lets say you need to resend a document, you can do that directly from the archive.


The Addoro Way

This is how Addoro makes the impossible possible.