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Digitalise your business communication

Addoro is a cloud service platform that allows you to design, manage and deliver your business documents.

With the help of Addoro you can improve and simplify your communication stream – on the  receiver’s terms

Are you looking for ONE digital platform to send invoices, information or marketing from?

Addoro digitizes your communication stream. With the help of Addoro you have the opportunity to deliver your information to your customer where he or she wants to be contacted - both digital or postal.

How Addoro Works

Addoro is a cloud service platform that makes it possible to design, manage and deliver business documents. You simply upload your business data and customize your mailings in Addoro. Segment your customers and choose in which channels they will get the information. Addoro will then make sure it reaches the right person in the right channel!

Why you should choose Addoro


Self service

In Addoro you can design and manage your documents yourself. Choose to segment your receivers and have different attachments or promotional offers.

Digital and physical channels

We offer a variety of digital and postal comunication channels – this makes us quite unique actually! If you want to know which channels we offer, you can read more below.

One stop shop

When it comes to communication channels, you have everything within Addoro. No need for other programs or contact with postal providers etc. Smooth, simple and everything in the same place!


Simple & Easy to use

Addoro is created to be easy to use. You can preview the send outs before pushing ’send’. That feels safe, right?


Possibility to resend

Would you like to resend information in another channel? No problem! With the help of our e-archive you can easily find the documents and resend with just a click! A feature appreciated by both finance and customer service departments.


Certified for e-invoicing

We are CTD cetrified, which means we offer e-invoicing for both B2C (Kivra, Vipps and Digipost) and also B2B (PEPPOL).

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